Warehouse Management System

Datasmith’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a multi-warehouse management system that enables process optimization, tractability and efficiency. WMS controls the movement and storage of products through the warehouse. WMS integrates with any web service aware ERP solution, including Microsoft Dynamics.

Introducing our End-to-End Speech Solution Platform

Honeywell Vocollect Speech SOLUTIONS
Voice and multi-modal solutions have become powerful forces in distribution operations around the globe. Warehouse and storage operations are looking to voice technology for highly efficient, hands-free capabilities in order picking and beyond. And they are embracing multi-modal solutions that offer maximum flexibility and enable multiple data-capture capabilities, like using voice for task direction and confirmation, or bar code scanning for serial number or date code requirements. Voice and multi-modal technology is evolving and creating new opportunities all the time. The proprietary systems that characterized much of the market for years are giving way to a more open approach, including more choices in hardware and software and more ways to drive down costs and boost performance.